Lifestyle Impacts

As well as having impacts on the environment and the economy, invasive species may impact on our lifestyles. There are a wide range of activities than can unintentionally spread invasive species such as gardening, boating, angling and the keeping and trade of pets.

Invasive species have the potential to disrupt these activities as they transform the environment around us.  For example:

  • Invasive plants can take over a garden and spread into neighbouring properties
  • Invasive plants can prevent angling and access to rivers and lakes
  • Invasive species can restrict boating by interfering with navigation and colonising boat hulls and marinas
  • Pets can escape and become established in the wild

Advice on how you can prevent the spread of invasive species is available in the ‘What can I do?‘ section.

Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland