Divers have an important role to play in the identification of new incursions and also preventing spread. When diving, the following actions should be undertaken but only when safe to do so:
  • Watch out for invasive species: ID guides are available to download from the Marine Life Information Network
  • Do not interfere with invasive species: fragments can break off and can be carried to new areas. If sampling species ensure that no fragments are lost.
  • Photograph species in-situ to aid accurate identification.
  • When you are finished your dive remove all plant, animal and mud that may have become lodged on your diving equipment. Ensure that any animal and plant material found is disposed of in the bin where it can not o return to the aquatic environment.
  • Ensure mud is washed off your wet suit with freshwater and that your suit is allowed to dry for a period of 48 hr before moving to another water body. Remember that some invasive species can be/have microscopic life stages and are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Dry your diving equipment for as long as possible after diving near or in an infected waterbody.
  • Reporting all sightings: Centre for Environmental Data & Recording (CEDaR) – Or via the iRecord App
Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland