Japanese knotweed management resources

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The information on this page relates to available management measures and resources for Japanese knotweed. Please visit the dedicated Japanese knotweed species account for more general information on this species. 

Legislation mentioned in the following resources may not necessarily apply to Northern Ireland, but may relate to GB or Ireland. Not all legislation may be listed and will inevitably change from time to time. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they are aware of and follow all legislation relevant to work carried out and any changes to it.


A Good Practice Management Document produced by the RAPID (Reducing and Preventing IAS Dispersal) LIFE project details management measures available for Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed – Good Practice Management

The Property Care Association offer invasive non-native species guidance to homeowners, which includes the following documents; 

Code of Practice – Managment of Japanese Knotweed

A Homeowners Guide to Japanese Knotweed

Guidance Note – Root Barrier and Japanese Knotweed Remediation

The following resources also provide further information on management measures for Japanese knotweed;

Other site management resources include;

NIEA – Japanese knotweed – Do Not Cut sign

Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland