Five things you can do

Here are five simple things everyone can to do to help:

1. If you go fishing, boating or paddling, remember to Check Clean Dry your boat, clothing, footwear, and equipment after leaving the water.

2. Be Plant Wise and don’t let your garden or aquarium plants enter the wild.

3. Be Pet WiseTake care of your pets, never release them or allow them to escape into the wild. It’s cruel and could harm wildlife.

4. Look out for the Asian hornet, a predator of honeybees which is not yet established in NI. Record your sightings of this and other alert species. Download the free Asian Hornet Watch app (iOS and Android) or report on the iRecord app (iOS and Android) to help.

5. If you enjoy being outside why not join a Local Action Group helping to manage invasive plants.
Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland