This section provides access to our available resources including materials on our three Awareness-Raising Campaigns, the EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation,  Invasive Species identification, management and much more. These resources are aimed at the general public, landowners, public bodies and those working with invasive species.

Species Accounts and ID Guides

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Full ID Guide to Marine Invasive Species in Northern Ireland

Working Version of Marine Invasive Species ID Guide in Northern Ireland

Awareness-Raising Campaigns

Click on the stickers below to access Check Clean Dry, Be Plant Wise or Be Pet Wise resources:


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The EU Regulation (1143/2014) on invasive alien (non-native) species:

Invasive Alien Animals Poster

Produced by the IAS Secretariat Belgium

Invasive Alien Plants Poster


Produced by the IAS Secretariat Belgium

Updated N.I FAQs now available



An Introduction to the Invasive Alien Species Regulation

Produced by the European Commission

Other EU IAS Regulation Information and resources;












The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 (as amended):



N.B. There are no species that are included on both Schedule 9 and the ‘EU list of Union Concern‘.




Policy Documents for Northern Ireland:

An Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Northern Ireland – May 2013 Download

RBMP Programme of Measures for Invasive Alien Species – 2015 Download


A progress report on the Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Northern Ireland – January 2017 Download


NI Widely Spread Species (WSS) Management Measures Documents:

Click here to access Management Measures documents for each of the 11 WSS in NI.



Pathway Action Plans (PAPs)

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Site Management Resources

Click on the links below for information relating to a range of INNS found in Northern Ireland:

Widely Spread Species:

Rapid Eradication at Early Stage of Invasion Species:

  • Himalayan knotweed management resources

Wildlife Order Schedule 9 Species:

Further site management resources can be found here.

Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland