What can I do?

Management of invasive species is a shared problem that requires cooperation and support of the general public and a diverse range of stakeholders and interest groups.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing the incursion and spread of invasive species:

  • Never introduce or move a non-native species that may cause harm to the environment or economy.
  • Remember that it is against the law in Northern Ireland and Ireland to release or allow to escape any non-native animal species without a license. This includes species of fish, invertebrates and all other non-native mammal species. It is also against the law to plant or otherwise cause to grow in the wild several non-native plant species.
  • Follow the Check Clean Dry guidelines if you are working or playing in or near water
  • Follow the guidelines in the Be Pet Wise section of this website and prevent pets becoming invasive species.
  • Follow the guidelines in the Be Plant Wise section of this website to prevent non-native garden pond plants from becoming establishing in the wild where they could become invasive.
  • Review your activities and adopt practices that reduce the risk of introducing or spreading invasive species. Adopt relevant Codes of Practice and contribute to the implementation of action plans where possible.
  • Share progress and communicate knowledge gained in invasive species control or prevention whenever possible.
  • Learn how to control invasive species properly before you begin. Bad management practices can make an invasive species problem much harder to manage.
  • Contribute to raising awareness on invasive species by talking about the issues.

Reporting all sightingsCentre for Environmental Data & Recording (CEDaR) – Or via the iRecord App.

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Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland