Marina Developments

When developing a marina, or expanding an already existing site, it is recommended that operators identify what mechanisms they should put in place to reduce the opportunities for associated activities to facilitate the spread of invasive species. In some cases this exercise may be a requirement of planning permission to proceed with the development. It is recommended that you consider the following in relation to invasive species prevention:

  • Ensure that facilities are available to adequately deal with hull fouling are considered as part of the development project.
  • Ensure all equipment and structures, as far as possible, can be slipped or dry docked should they become fouled by one or more of the most unwanted species and require treatment. One of the most effective treatment protocols for aquatic invasive species is the removal of the fouled structure from the environment, followed by treating with high pressure water blasting and desiccation for a period greater that 48 hrs.
  • Develop spray enclosures if spray painting of boats is allowed on site. A spray enclosure may be a permanent shed or temporary structure erected around a boat during painting. Spray booths confine overspray and prevent drifting onto other boats, land, or water. Enclosures can be equipped with air filters that reduce air quality impacts by filtering paint dust and particulates out of the air. Filters also help protect workers by drawing harmful fumes and paint overspray away from employees.
Invasive Species Northern Ireland

Invasive Species Northern Ireland